Product Overview | Feroot Client-Side Security Platform

Feroot Client-Side Security Platform

A security platform as unique as your web applications. Automatically discover all client-risk within your web applications; from code vulnerabilities to data assets that collect information. With Feroot, you are able to conduct continuous client-side attack surface monitoring and protection.

Define a Source, Grab Some Coffee

With a variety of deployment options, you can get started quickly with the model that best fits your environment.

External Crawl

With nothing to deploy, get started in minutes with an external crawl of your website or web application.

Authenticated Crawl

Want to take a peek behind the curtain? No problem, provide some credentials and our crawler will work its magic.

JavaScript Sensor

Want deeper insights? Deploy a single line of JavaScript code and you are a git push away from client-side visibility.

CSP Reports

A report here, a violation there…we’ll gladly collect all of these events for you too! Use your existing CSP or build a new one.

Integrate With Your Existing Tools

Feroot helps customers to ingest client-side telemetry right into their existing security platforms. Our current integrations include:

One Platform.
Many Outcomes

Feroot helps bring together security, legal, privacy, and compliance teams to tackle a common goal protecting customer data.

Data Assets Discovery

Discover what data lives in the browser and where. Pinpoint the pages that capture sensitive data so you know where to add protection.

Threat Intelligence

Quickly identify client-side threats and code vulnerabilities that only appear in production when a web page is rendered.

Map Client-Side Risks

Modern web applications are a complex mesh of third-party code. Uncover all of the vendors across your web application supply chain and see where they introduce risks.

Digital Privacy

There is a privacy storm brewing and no one wants to risk facing regulatory fines! Reduce sensitive data exposure to third-parties across your web applications.

Client-Side Protection

Protect every digital experience from common to advanced client-side attacks like Magecart, digital skimming, or insider threats.

PCI Compliance

Web applications are changing and so must the compliance standards keeping them safe. With PCI 4.0, client-side is now a must have.

Some of Our Numbers


Platform Uptime


Events Processed


Web Pages Analyzed


Revenue Protected

Ralph Pyne Sr. Director, Information Security at Adroll

Feroot helped our team gain outside-in visibility into the security of customer experience making our platform even more secure.

Know your client-side attack surface

Create an inventory of client-side elements and gain a deep understanding of how scripts and applications behave and the data they can access.