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Stay on top of your web attack surface with behaviour-based monitoring that gives you a continuous Red, Blue, and Purple team intelligence.

What are client-side vulnerabilities?

Client side vulnerabilities, also known as browser-level vulnerabilities, allow attacker to take advantage of the browser-level unrestricted access to sensitive data by JavaScript code executed by a website in user browsers to steal payment card information, billing data, and other data including user login credentials.

E-skimming code is added to scripts loaded by web pages

User data including credit cards, logins, and passwords are collected by attackers

Stolen data is sold or used for fraudulent purchases and account takeovers attacks

Why so many companies are getting breached by e-skimming attackers?

Today’s business websites extensively leverage third-party scripts and libraries to implement business-driven functionalities and features like analytics, marketing retargeting, live chat, forms, or shopping carts. These scripts also leave many organizations vulnerable to skimming attacks that Magecart groups love to exploit.

Discover your Attack Surface map from end to end

Get a complete view of your attack surface by identifying all web assets exposed to attackers. Feroot helps organizations identify up to 300% more assets than they knew existed prior to using Feroot Inspector

Login Pages

Protect your customer login IDs and passwords

Checkout and Payment Pages

Protect your customer login IDs and passwords

Sign-Up Pages

Keep new customers’ account registration and marketing leads’ data safe

Financial Transaction

Protected financial transactions and banking information

Dig deep and get immediate results

Use Inspector Auto-discover with Transfer Insights scan to uncover deep insights, like which scripts are reading keystrokes, access form fields directly for triggering chain-loading or what data they are transferring to external locations

How it works

  1. 1. Enter URL and Start a scan Feroot Inspector will visit each web page and will simulate real user activities including scrolling, clicking, log in into an account, complete an e-commerce transaction and browse from page to page
  2. 2. Review report with security results Feroot uses real payloads to find unknown threats rather than limited CVE libraries of known problems.
  3. 3. Share report with your collogues or MSSP Export reports to PDF or invite your collogues to login into Feroot dashboard

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