Automated Client-Side Attack Surface Management

Discover all client-side web assets in seconds.

Feroot Security Inspector automatically discovers and reports on all JavaScript web assets and their data access.

Inspector finds JavaScript security vulnerabilities on the client-side and reports on them, and provides specific client-side threat remediation advice to security teams in real-time. With Inspector, customers are able to conduct constant client-side attack surface management and defense.

Client-side security made easy

JavaScript websites and web applications ingest customer information at critical touch points, such as login and financial transaction forms.


  • Automatically maps and monitors your client-side attack surface
  • Detects and outlines abnormal application behaviors
  • Enlightens security teams of their client-side attack surface
  • Alerts application developers to code issues to fix in real-time
  • Delivers customer data exfiltration security

By revealing previously undetected or net new threats, and delivering mitigation advice, Inspector allows users to close security gaps in their client-side JavaScript web applications.

JavaScript data access insights instantly

Inspector replicates user actions on web applications and simulates attacker reconnaissance activities.

Uncover exactly what needs to be fixed to stop client-side threats.

The Inspector dashboard showcases:

  • Client-side attack surface mapping
  • Keylogger and malware presence
  • Web asset inventory
  • Number and details of script actions
  • Cross-border data transfers performed by third-party scripts
  • Scripts with known vulnerabilities and remediation advice
  • Number of malicious hosts exfiltrating data along with telemetry to block them
  • Obfuscated code to investigate
  • Third-party JavaScript security issues

Client-side attack surface reports

Inspector includes reports to support JavaScript security needs and reporting workflows.

Reports include detailed information on scanned web asset, including:

  • Data exfiltration and location
  • Enumeration of all JavaScript assets
  • Third-party JavaScript security vulnerabilities
  • Client-side cyber threat intelligence
  • Recent code changes
  • Active data trackers (e.g. digital ads)
  • Active data collection forms
  • All data input ingestion points

Alerts to accelerate client-side security

Inspector ingests third-party cyber threat intelligence (CTI) and vulnerability intelligence to accurately pinpoint issues in web assets, as well as potential active exploits.

Inspector triggers alerts for security issues and events, which require immediate corrective action.

Alerts can be customized based on customer preferences, and include detailed information on which code to repair, patch, and how to fortify your client-side security posture.

Protect customer data to achieve privacy and compliance

Inspector continuously monitors customer-facing JavaScript web applications that collect customer data. By alerting application developers and security analysts to anomalous behaviors and JavaScript security issues early, they can act to immediately stop data exfiltration.

By utilizing Inspector, privacy and compliance teams can continuously assess the maturity of their compliance program with data privacy detections that enable compliance with PCI, GDPR, CCPA, PIPED, and more.

Inspector provides compliance program information at the push of a button, with reporting and program enhancement advice.

Lightweight client-side security
technology to reduce operational

Inspector is a web application that doesn’t require an agent or the installation of software. Customers receive access to the Inspector portal and can begin taking advantage of it’s features and functionality immediately.

Inspector customers start scanning their client-side applications, starting with the URL of a chosen website or web application, on day one.

Inspector boils a variety of manual tasks, multiple technologies, and arduous processes down to a single automated scan, and takes the ambiguity and pain out of client-side security.

Through a single, easy to use web dashboard, security teams can assess and fortify their client-side security posture in seconds, instead of hours or days.

How Inspector works

Inspector monitors all client-side security-related events within the user’s browser. Inspector deploys synthetic users, disguised as honeypot customers, to autonomously simulate real user behavior. Inspector is able to identify malicious scripts and unauthorized actions on web assets.


Inspector’s OpenAPI can integrate with cybersecurity products, application development technologies and ticketing systems, so that Inspector scans results, alerts, and telemetry can be further operationalized. Current integrations include:

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