Inspector - Cyber Surveillance for web applications and websites

Stay on top of your web attack surface with behaviour-based monitoring that gives you a continuous Red, Blue, and Purple team intelligence.

Client-side attack surface mapping

Feroot Inspector helps you discover all of the attacker-exposed web assets in your digital customer experience. It gives you a complete and accurate view of your UX attack surface and reveals unknown backdoors opened partners and suppliers.

Autonomous risk monitoring

Continuous Data governance and regulatory compliance

Loved by security, marketing, and all business teams

Intelligent, AI-powered threat detection and risk surveillance platform

Designed for security, vulnerability assessment, threat-hunting, governance compliance, and business teams Feroot Inspector provides context-enriched risk intelligence – capturing code behavior at scale, enriching it with security, governance, and privacy compliance reports.

Discover your Attack Surface map from end to end

Get a complete view of your attack surface by identifying all web assets exposed to attackers. Feroot helps organizations identify up to 300% more assets than they knew existed prior to using Feroot Inspector


Identify all of the exposed assets, including:

  • Login
  • Payment
  • Checkout
  • Password reset

Attribute and Verify

Automatically determine which third-party or code element has access to your assets and monitor for new assets, and changes third-party code.


Automatically classify mapped assets based on its function, value, and level of potential vulnerabilities validated by behaviors rather than signatures or anomalies.

Achieve governance and compliance

Continuously assess your compliance posture with out-of-the-box detections that validates behaviors to enable compliance with PCI, GPDR, CCPA, and PIPEDA.

Honeypot customer decoys

Feroot reconnaissance is operated by a global network of good bots enabling Feroot to surveil digital customer experience without being detected.

Platform’s comprehensive global botnet approach, reveals malicious activities cause by unknown exploits and is not limited to exploits with existing signatures and definitions.

Third-party shadow risk elimination

Use Inspector Auto-discover with Access Insights reports to see which scripts are reading user keystrokes, access form fields,  and what customer data they are sending out.

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