Simplified and Supercharged Security Monitoring for Web Applications

End-to-end visibility of every step in user journey UX in a single dashboard

Proactively monitor your web applications and websites front end UX

Companies are moving web application code to the front end. Adversaries are now looking for weaknesses in the front end code. Security teams want unified visibility into the user journey UX to detect and prevent threats quickly
Covers Every Step in User Journey
Every JavaScript Element Analyzed
Loved by Security and Business

Supercharged and Simplified Synthetic Monitoring of User Journeys

A combination of behavioral-based detection and honeypot users instantly finds malicious code actions, including never-before-seen threats, in order to reduce risk and protect your organization

Deep browser-level visibility of every web page

Monitor critical web pages that ingest financial data and perform business transactions at every step of user journeys.


Identify all of the exposed assets, including:

  • Login
  • Payment
  • Checkout
  • Password reset

Enable Secure Innovation

Discover overly permissive web page structure that gives unnecessary privileges to third party JavaScript code and more


Automatically classify mapped assets based on its function, value, and level of potential vulnerabilities validated by behaviors rather than signatures or anomalies.

Achieve governance and compliance

Continuously assess your compliance posture with out-of-the-box detections that validates behaviors to enable compliance with PCI, GPDR, CCPA, and PIPEDA.

Get scan reports in minutes

Easy-to-use GUI enables you to start scanning every web page throughout the user journeys, coding-free, with a cutting-edge honeypot surveillance network.

  • Simulate user actions on your Web App’s UX
  • Get a complete list of all dynamically loaded elements including third-party tools
  • Browser-level intelligence even of side-loaded marketing technologies

Continuously monitor your front end UX to eliminate backdoors and shadow risks

Feroot Inspector is the ultimate assessment platform for security, risk, compliance, red and blue teams to effectively perform inspections of web application’s user journey UX to identify issues with precision, accuracy, and ease.

  • Detect and investigate incidents
  • Uncover insider and third-party threats
  • Browser-level intelligence even of side-loaded marketing technologies
  • Secure SaaS applications and websites without affecting performance
  • Protect business continuity

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