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Client-Side Security for AppSec

Feroot’s client-side security platform provides application security teams with rapid insights on their client-side attack surface as well as real-time protection against client-side threats and attacks.

Traditional Controls are Not Working

Third-Party Code is Injected by marketing tools

93% of websites use Tag Managers and tracking pixels. These tools execute unapproved third-party code inside production runtime, completely bypassing AppSec controls.

WAF and CSP are Easily Bypassed

Traditional security controls focus on the domain name. Since dynamic web applications are constantly changing, they require a new approach.

Digital Skimming Attacks are Largely Undetected

Security tools and SOC operations are blind to majority of client side data breaches and leaks.

Chief Security Officer at Gusto

Frederick “Flee” Lee

A day doesn’t go by that you don’t hear about a new JavaScript-based attack on a company’s website or web application. We’re seeing attackers pivoting from traditional server-side attacks to client-side attacks. To protect our business from server-side threats, we needed to enhance our client-side security capabilities to stay ahead of the threat. ”   

Frederick Lee, Chief Security Officer, Gusto

Discover All Data Assets

Not every web page is created equally. Some collect data while others serve up static content. Feroot quickly identifies every page and FORM where you website and web application collect sensitive user data data assets and user Forlive so you know what, and where, to protect.

Identify Every Third-Party

Many organizations have robust application security programs, but traditional tools don’t see third-party code injected by growth teams. By using a crawler approach, Feroot can see what third-parties exist as the page is rendered…including the risks they bring with them.

Client-Side Protection for Modern Applications

Feroot offers real-time client-side protection, closing gaps that traditional security tools don’t cover. Ensure that customer data is protected without breaking the existing functionality of your web applications.

Protect Against Magecart Attacks

Magecart, digital skimming, formjacking…you name it, we protect against it. Detect and block malicious changes on your website in order to protect against even the most sophisticated of attacks.

Integrate with your technologies

PageGuard allows customers to consume client-side telemetry and cyber threat intelligence (CTI) into their security products for intelligence aggregation and collection. As a result, customers enhance their externally sourced and server-side collected CTI with client-side collected and aggregated CTI from PageGuard. Current integrations include:

Know your client-side attack surface

Create an inventory of client-side elements and gain a deep understanding of how scripts and applications behave, as well as the data they can access.