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Feroot is a cyber-defense platform for web apps and websites to help you stay safe. It monitors and hardens security of your web so you can focus on user experience and boost your growth.


Continuous detection and prevention of unauthorized data access


Defend your user experience against attacks by malicious client-side code


Browser-level skimming attacks and vulnerabilities that Magecart could use to steal your customer data


Safely deploy and use third-party tools and JavaScript code that your business wants

PageGuard defends your user experience

Attackers can steal your user’s credentials, credit card payment details and banking information in real-time by execute malicious code loaded via a third-party JavaScript code.

PageGuard’s enterprise-grade access control technology locks down and controls access of third-party JavaScript code to sensitive data. It gives you granular control over which third-party scripts are allowed to be loaded on each web page, blocks unwanted side-loaded scripts, and protects sensitive form fields from unauthorized data access to ensure that your website and data are resilient.

No more stolen data

Inspector detects attacks and vulnerabilities

Attackers are increasingly targeting popular third-party JavaScript libraries and tools such as chatbots, marketing analytics, social media buttons, digital ad retargeting, tag managers, and sign-up forms to side-load malicious e-skimming code. These breaches can go undetected for a long time because infected code is loaded directly by web browsers and stays well outside of the security edge.

Feroot Inspector behaviour-based intrusion detection scanner. It combines intelligence with automation to spot and alert of suspicious and malicious activities of code that doesn’t have malware signatures yet.

No more hidden breaches

Grow your business

Modern web developers and marketers commonly use third-party tools and externally controlled JavaScript code to implement business-driven functionalities and features like marketing analytics, retargeting, live chat, forms, or shopping carts.

These scripts also leave many organizations vulnerable to e-skimming attacks that costing up

You get a peace of mind from Feroot. It let’s you use third-party code to help you grow while helping keep your business safe, secure, and in control.

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Feroot helped our team gain outside-in visibility into the security of customer experience making our platform even more secure.

Ralph Pyne

Sr. Director, Information Security at AdRoll

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