Protect The Front End of
Your Web Application

Scan, monitor and enforce security controls to prevent data loss incidents within software logic on the front end caused by compromised JavaScript, third parties and configuration weaknesses.

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Proactive Security Testing and In-App Protection Suite for DevSecOps


Feroot provides visibility into web page blind spots, identifies security issues and deviations from baseline within your own and third-party scripts


Feroot assessment reports provide targeted and actionable insights so that you can quickly mitigate gaps to stop drive-by, targeted, and zero-day attacks


Feroot prevents future incidents by enabling in-app runtime JavaScript execution controls and shielding policies.

1. Full Situational Awareness

Proactively discover, track and manage inventory of all elements of the front end attack surface area to:

  • Detect suspicious JavaScript behavior
  • Validate the effectiveness of security controls from the defender’s point of view
  • Assess security configuration posture of web pages from the attacker’s point of view
  • Maintain an accurate asset inventory of your own and third-party JavaScript code
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2. Respond and Remediate

Use actionable reports and alerts to:

  • Quickly resolve security issues.
  • Address the root cause of problems.
  • Implement and monitor maturity program.
  • Provide assurance to regulators and third parties that customer data is adequately protected and your service can be trusted.
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3. Prevent and Future Proof

Feroot PageGuard in-app runtime self-protection (RASP) capabilities enforce zero trust model and collect browser level security telemetry of every user session of your web application to:

  • Protect from browser-level Man-in-the-middle attacks, including Magecart e-skimming.
  • Give real-time visibility to data theft attempts by compromised JavaScript libraries and browser extensions.
  • Automatically enforce security controls and compliance programs.
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Feroot natively integrates with the organization’s SIEM, SOC, and workflow management platforms.

Feroot helped our team gain outside-in visibility into the security of customer experience making our platform even more secure.

Ralph Pyne

Sr. Director, Information Security at AdRoll

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