The Immune System
For Web Applications and Websites

Feroot protects web applications and websites by monitoring and locking backdoors and weaknesses other tools, and penetration tests miss


Go Beyond Vulnerability and Penetration Testing Tools

Complete and objective view

Feroot's cutting-edge autonomous honeypot surveillance network shows you exactly what adversaries see

No Deployment and hustle-free

Scanning operates externally with no setup. Implement PageGuard protection in minutes


Confidently and securely use the best web technologies to enable business growth and sales

Full Situational Awareness

Feroot Inspection automatically discovers both internally and externally controlled elements of web application's client-side UX, including all third-party technologies to streamline risk assessment, prioritization, remediation, and prevention.

Imagine you operating a nation-state-scale reconnaissance network to continuously scan, map, and to reveal backdoors and weaknesses before attackers do.

No more episodic manual tests of the UX with the error-prone and inconsistent results.

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Protecting Your Web Customers Has Never Been Easier

A combination of zero-trust controls and behavior-based detection secures customer data across every step of the user journey to prevent incidents and breaches.

Feroot detects and prevents signatureless never-before-seen threats, including Magecart attacks, ensuring business and brand safety.

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In 93% of organizations, Feroot finds backdoors, weaknesses, and cyber-threats that penetration tests and other tools missed. Use the Feroot platform to discover what's hidden in your front end UX code.

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  • Get real-time visibility into every UX element including third-party code
  • Track code activity to instantly get alerted of suspicious behavior
  • Provides actionable reports for blue and purple teams
  • Automatically prevent supply chain Magecart attacks
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Feroot helped our team gain outside-in visibility into the security of customer experience making our platform even more secure.

Ralph Pyne

Sr. Director, Information Security at AdRoll

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