Feroot Privacy Automation Platform helps your company do three things


Feroot’s privacy platform centralizes and manages all regulatory processes and stakeholder communications

Despite extensive preparation, many large companies still can’t handle the day-to-day operations of privacy management and compliance. Updated privacy and opt-in policies are just the first step.


Risk Avoidance


Customer Trust & Loyalty


Market Share

Privacy Compliance with Feroot

End-to-end data privacy compliance solution, from notice, submission, consent collection to comprehensive subject rights management.

Regulatory Obligations
Efficiently and painlessly fulfill regulatory obligations, such as GDPR, PIPEDA and prepare for CCPA
Easy Integration
Pass data-use restrictions downstream to all internal and third-party applications, including cloud-based SaaS applications
Reduce costs and streamline privacy operations through a centralized, automated privacy hub that maintains all of your record-keeping and data processing activities in real-time.
Workflow Management
Comprehensively manage all privacy rights, obligations and restrictions for customers and employees

You will provide a lot more than the minimum regulatory compliance requirements. Feroot PrivacyOps brings together all areas of customer experience to data governance, IT operations, on-premise, and third-party vendor applications.

Our product easily scales from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

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