Third-Parties Are Taking Your Data

Client-side web security monitoring of third-party tools, behavior trackers, and externally controlled scripts

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How it Works


The Problem

Most companies have an extensive tech stack with over 20 martech SaaS tools to help them execute digital campaigns (ads, SEO, nurture, retargeting, attribution, etc).

Advertising and behavior trackers from third-parties (both authorized and unauthorized) are injected into website visitor sessions, which creates one of the biggest privacy and data protection blind spots. Simply put, companies are not aware of what personal data is collected, which country it is being transferred to, how it is being used, and if it’s managed in a compliant way.


The Solution

Feroot Privacy Scanner detects personal data collection injected by advertising and user behavior trackers, and sign-up forms. This gives organizations unprecedented visibility to detect unauthorized and ungoverned data collection and help prevent regulatory vulnerabilities.

Detect Unauthorized Tools and Scripts on Your Website and Web App

Always know what third and fourth parties are collecting data on your website.


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Why Customers Love Feroot

“What I love most about Feroot is that I don't have to worry about privacy compliance anymore. I know that consent is up-to-date, my privacy notices are in good shape and I can quickly access third party privacy policies when I need them. All this allows me to focus on what matters most — building a great product.”

Jay Fallah CTO, NXM Labs Winner of Gartner Cybersecurity Award

“The topic of privacy is foundational to what we do at StackAdapt. While we always work to improve on the relevancy of content that we distribute, it all starts with making sure user's privacy is respected. Feroot helps us centralize, manage, and communicate our practices to our stakeholders.”

Vitaly Pecherskiy COO, StackAdapt

“Not only does Feroot give you a 360° view of where all your data is for compliance, it shows you all the tools and forms you're using, some of which haven't been touched in years. Incredibly helpful in slimming down your tech/data stack to what's essential!”

Keith Delaney CEO of Primer

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Don't Limit Yourself to Cookie Scanners.

Detect hidden data collection, including trackers that do not use cookies.


Do exponentially more to maintain compliance without breaking your budget.


Gain deeper visibility into data collection that is actually happening.


Quickly remediate privacy risks before complaints, investigations or enforcements.


Streamline your privacy controls and privacy transparency without the help of auditors and expensive PIAs.

Our product easily scales from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

We know committing to a new connectivity partner can be a daunting task. We’re here to help. Contact our sales team to learn more.

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