Protect the front–end of your web application

Scan, monitor and enforce security controls to prevent data loss incidents within software logic on the front end.

Make the hidden, transparent

Without having to install agents or assemble multiple tools, find keylogging spyware, eSkimmers, vulnerabilities and much more. Feroot provides comprehensive view of the front end scripts and applications dependencies running on their website.

Unprecedented visibility

Identify and classify all exposed front end web assets in a matter of seconds. See what data is being accessed and how it’s being used.

A single, accurate tool

Eliminate the headache of using multiple tools and spending hours getting actionable results with a single, intuitive web dashboard.

Nothing to install, easy to use

Simple implementation. An “Outside-in” scanner doesn’t require an agent and integrates with SIEM, SOC and workflow management platforms.

Enable secure innovation for the customer-facing applications

Empower developers and security professionals with the tools they need to gain and maintain a comprehensive understanding of their front end security posture.

Get a comprehensive view

Create an inventory of front end elements and gain a deep understanding of how scripts and applications behave and the data they can access.

Uncover suspicious behavior

Track and manage front end inventory assets and determine whether baseline scripts and applications show runtime or access abnormalities.

Share detailed asset reports

Provide transparency into front end asset inventory, tracking and remediation status. Track PCI DSS, NIST, CIS Top 20, OWASP Top 10, and MITRE ATT&CK program maturity.

Feroot helped our team gain outside-in visibility into the security of customer experience making our platform even more secure.

Ralph Pyne

Sr. Director, Information Security at Adroll

The topic of privacy is foundational to what we do at StackAdapt. Feroot helps us centralize, manage, and communicate our practices to our stakeholders.

Vitaly Pecherskiy

COO at StackAdapt

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The Threat of Web Skimming

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