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Find pixels and trackers that collect personal information

Discover and secure your Client-side supply chain

2023 Feroot Client-Side Security Report

Beware of Pixels & Trackers on U.S. Healthcare Websites.

We all know tracking pixels are critical for Marketing teams to track website visitors and serve up ads. But do you know who else is getting a copy of your customer’s data? This is the question we set out to uncover.


Uncover Your Client-Side Attack Surface

Discover the complex web of third-party code, and the risks they bring, each time you access a web page.

Stay Ahead of Privacy Violations

With Feroot you not only see every third-party technology across your web application, but also which of those third-parties have access to customer data.

Some of Our Numbers


Platform Uptime


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Web Pages Analyzed


Revenue Protected

Existing Controls Leave Gaps

Legacy Controls Don’t Work on JavaScript

CI/CD, SAST/DAST, code scanning, can’t protect against side-loaded JavaScript attacks and data leaks.

WAFs and CSP Leave Data Exposed

Traditional controls including WAFs and CSP work well until marketing adds a tag manager.

Cookies Don’t Tell the Full Story

Pixels and trackers may set cookies, but that’s not the only way they can access customer data.

Increased Attack Surface

The heavy use of third-party tools and libraries can drastically increase your client-side attack surface.

See What’s Possible With Feroot

Discover Your Client-side Attack Surface

Arm your business with automated, client-side security monitoring and detection all from one platform.

  • Discover all vendors that your company uses to conduct business with your customers.
  • Detect suspicious behaviors, allowing your security teams to respond based on a complete and accurate view of your client-side attack surface.
  • Reveal previously undetected threats and act on remediation recommendations, so your developers can close client-side security gaps while protecting your customers and their data.

Stop Client-Side Attacks and Data Leaks

Don’t let third-party pixels and trackers make off with your customer data:

  • Let marketing and growth teams use the tools they need to grow the business (securely).
  • Limit third-party pixels and trackers access to customer data without breaking your site.
  • Ensure your privacy policy matches what’s actually on your website and web applications.

Meet the new PCI 4.0 compliance requirements

Protect your web applications in the browser. Add security permissions and controls to your JavaScript code.

  • Automatically protect your websites and web applications from client-side attacks in real time.
  • Continuously detect unauthorized scripts and anomalous code behavior.
  • Instantly block all unauthorized JavaScript behavior in real time across all your web assets.
  • Apply security configurations and permissions for continuous monitoring and protection from malicious client-side activities.

Integrate With Your Existing Tools

Feroot helps customers to ingest client-side telemetry right into their existing security platforms. Our current integrations include:

Bringing Teams Together

Bringing Teams Together

Application Security

Third-party code in web applications now represents one of the largest risks within the attack surface. See how you can identify these risks quickly with nothing new to deploy with Feroot.

Privacy & Legal

There is a growing privacy storm and everyone wants to know you are keeping their data safe. See a single view of all your web application third-parties and the data they have access to.


PCI 4.0 is coming and there is a big focus on protecting the client-side. Get a complete inventory of your payment pages and secure them all from the same platform.

Chief Security Officer at Gusto

Frederick “Flee” Lee

A day doesn’t go by that you don’t hear about a new JavaScript-based attack on a company’s website or web application. We’re seeing attackers pivoting from traditional server-side attacks to client-side attacks. To protect our business from server-side threats, we needed to enhance our client-side security capabilities to stay ahead of the threat. ”   

Frederick Lee, Chief Security Officer, Gusto