Satisfy Data Privacy Requirements on Your Corporate Websites With Automation

Compliance Simplified – Ensure your webpages comply with your Privacy policy

Protect sensitive customer data at the point of data collection.

93% of websites use tag managers and tracking pixels. These tools can execute unauthorized third-party code and over collected data creating privacy violations or breach exposure.

Feroot quickly identifies every web page and form that collects sensitive user data, which trackers have data access and where that data goes. By replicating real-user interactions to discover and scrutinize pixel and tracker behavior, Feroot reveals the hidden risks.Teams can identify privacy violations and take action.


is the number of embedded pixels any website has on average. Google’s are the most common.


of websites use web trackers that collect and transfer user data.


of all Authentication (Login) and Registration webpages use behind-the-scenes tracking technologies.

Discover all the data targets in minutes

  • Outside-in web crawler, nothing to install
  • Quickly identify every page and form where your web applications collect PII and other sensitive data
  • Identify use of pixels, web beacons, tracking pixels, session replays, and fingerprinting scripts
  • Identify data access points and routing

Go beyond Cookie tracking

  • Identify sophisticated attacks like Magecart, digital skimming and formjacking
  • Monitor client-side applications for data loss and leaks
  • Block malicious changes to web forms and pages
  • Receive an alert on code changes and data access

Active protection of your web Front-end without disruption

  • Easy to use, low footprint platform doesn’t interfere with web application functionality
  • Active protection for every user, from first page load to form interaction
  • Get insights into data at risk in minutes
  • Share insights with a variety of stakeholders from Legal to Growth Marketing
Chief Security Officer at Gusto

Frederick “Flee” Lee

A day doesn’t go by that you don’t hear about a new JavaScript-based attack on a company’s website or web application. We’re seeing attackers pivoting from traditional server-side attacks to client-side attacks. To protect our business from server-side threats, we needed to enhance our client-side security capabilities to stay ahead of the threat. ”   

Frederick Lee, Chief Security Officer, Gusto

Integrate With Your Existing Tools

Feroot helps customers to ingest client-side telemetry right into their existing security platforms.

Interested in seeing what your web forms are collecting and where that data goes?

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