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Client-Side Security for Compliance

From HIPAA to PCI 4.0, compliance standards are rapidly evolving to include client-side security controls. Feroot can help you quickly identify and close compliance gaps.

Being Out of Compliance is Expensive

Find every Provider and Vendor for your BAA HIPAA requirements

Use of pixels, web beacons or tracking pixels, session replay scripts, and fingerprinting scripts without BAA can violate HIPAA Rules.

PCI 4.0 Requirement 6 and 11 mandate Client-Side Controls

The time to PCI 4.0 is shrinking, yet many organizations haven’t started to put new client-side controls in place.

Third-Parties Must Go Through a Risk Assessment

Every new vendor an organization brings on goes through a risk assessment process, but what about the vendors you don’t know about?

Chief Security Officer at Gusto

Frederick “Flee” Lee

A day doesn’t go by that you don’t hear about a new JavaScript-based attack on a company’s website or web application. We’re seeing attackers pivoting from traditional server-side attacks to client-side attacks. To protect our business from server-side threats, we needed to enhance our client-side security capabilities to stay ahead of the threat. ”   

Frederick Lee, Chief Security Officer, Gusto

Meet PCI 4.0 Requirements Quickly

From getting an inventory of all scripts, to protecting payment card data…Feroot has you covered. Quickly meet PCI 4.0 requirements with automated workflows and client-side security controls.

Maintain Compliance

From HIPAA to PCI, Feroot provides continuous compliance through monitoring your client-side attack surface to protect customer data.

Trust but Verify

Get a complete list of vendors and providers of all tools that have access to your customer data and verify the integrity of the code they add to each web page. Alert on changes to both code and data access.

Integrate With Your Existing Tools

Feroot helps customers to ingest client-side telemetry right into their existing security platforms.

Know your client-side attack surface

Create an inventory of client-side elements and gain a deep understanding of how scripts and applications behave and the data they can access.