Guardians of the Online User Experience

Feroot’s mission is to enable security teams to secure their customer experience by allowing them to uncover hidden attack surface at the point of customer interaction. The Feroot platform reveals which assets have access to data and where that data goes – providing teams with the insight they need to address risk at the source, without breaking existing functionality.

Our goal is to make the hidden, visible and empower organizations to be the guardians of their customer experience.

Leadership team

Ivan Tsarynny CEO and Co-founder

OWASP TOP 10 Client-Side Project Lead, Standards Council of Canada GDPR Committee, 20+ year technology veteran.

Vitaliy Lim CTO and Co-founder

Serial entrepreneur and CTO, Master of Electrical and Computer Engineering and White hat hacker since the 2000's


Feroot is funded and supported by some of the most notable cybersecurity founders and executives.

Jon Oberheide

Co-founder/CTO of Duo Security (acq. by Cisco)

Kevin Mahaffey

Founder/CTO of Lookout Security

Zane Lackey

Co-founder/CSO of Signal Sciences (acq. by Fastly)

Varun Badhwar

Founder/CEO of RedLock (acq. by Palo Alto Networks)

Dave Wichers

Managing Director at Ernst & Young, Co-Founder/COO of Aspect Security, Co-Founder of the OWASP Foundation and OWASP Top 10 Project

Jenny Yang

Founder of Metafor Software, (acq. by Splunk)

Michael Sutton

Former CISO, Zscaler

Sounil Yu

Former Chief Security Scientist at Bank of America

Company Advisors

Justin Berman Head Of Security


John Skubel VP of Sales

Ex-Duo Security

Lars Nilsson

Technology Sales Leader

Dave Wichers

COO of Aspect Security


50 Top Cyber Security Startups and Companies in Toronto (2021)+

Cybersecurity Excellence Awards (2022):

  • Gold Award—Client-Side Security
  • Gold Award—Magecart Protection

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