About Feroot

Our mission is to deliver a simple to use yet the most sophisticated intelligent solutions to keep companies and their customers safe from data theft and hackers without the need for lengthy training times and datasets.

Our product combines behavioral analysis AI with seamless automation to enable cybersecurity, data governance, and privacy compliance teams to proactively defeat evolving intrusion threats with accuracy, confidence, and speed.

Our goal is to make it easier for security engineers, CTO’s and CISO’s to closely monitor vulnerabilities introduced via third parties; be more effective and efficient in preventing data breaches from happening; collaborate easily with other departments such as marketing and sales; and achieve greater compliance with regulatory standards.

An Award-Winning Privacy Company

Feroot’s client-side security monitoring product does this by enabling security engineers to automatically detect new, unauthorized, and ungoverned data collection in real-time. In 2018, Feroot was the proud recipient of the NextAI Top Venture Award for having achieved outstanding progress helping companies comply with data privacy regulations. Read the full BetaKit article here.

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Protect your data, your customers, and your business. Experience proactive behavior-based web vulnerability detection today.

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