DomainGuard: Automated Content Security Policy Management

Protect your client-side attack surface with automated and
continuously optimized Content Security Policies.

DomainGuard is a purpose-built security solution for businesses who would like to control their client-side attack surface by deploying and managing Content Security Policies on their web applications.

Using automation, DomainGuard identifies all your first- and third-party scripts, your digital assets, and the data they can access. DomainGuard then generates appropriate Content Security Policies based on scanned data and anticipated effectiveness. Customers can fine tune their Content Security Policies at the domain level for easy management, version control, and reporting.

DomainGuard simplifies Content Security Policy management, allowing security and development teams to focus on mission critical tasks.

Automated Content Security Policy Outcomes

Make Content Security Policy work for your business with automated policy generation, management, and violation reporting.

  • Tailored and automated Content Security Policy creation based on customer specific web application scans and data collection.
  • Content Security Policy version control and automated enhancement to reduce cyber risk and quickly mitigate Content Security Policy violations.
  • Significantly reduces the time required to create and manage Content Security Policies across your teams.
  • Content Security Policy violation reporting integrated with security tools to complement current security processes and workflows.
  • Granular Content Security Policy control to ensure proper balance between restrictive and lax policies.
  • Supports regulatory and compliance standards such as PCI, HIPAA, and others.

Automated Content Security Policy Creation

DomainGuard generates Content Security Policies based on production applications that can be deployed and enhanced with ease.

  • Suggests and generates CSP policy based on customer web app scans and data.
  • Customers quickly and continuously evaluate policies to optimize them and track improvements over time.
  • Emulates policies for quick testing without the need to continuously deploy CSP to production environments.

Automated Content Security Policy Management, Testing, and Optimization

DomainGuard reduces the burden of manually creating, managing, and testing Content Security Policies in your environment.

  • Enables simple CSP version control by tracking version history.
  • Evaluates each policy attached to each revision to track which policy works or does not work for your business.
  • Continuously evaluates and tests Content Security Policies to keep a pulse on customer best practices and to lower the risk of potential violations.

Violation Reports and Adjustment Recommendations

DomainGuard provides continuous policy violation reporting and filter-based insights.

  • Provides log-based and datatable views of violations and enhancements.
  • Creates new Content Security Policies after a detected violation, based on the specific violation aspect so that you may quickly update your policies to clear any current issues.
  • Log data can be ingested into security incident and event management (SIEM) and other log-based data collection systems for integration into current security practices and workflows.

Why You Need DomainGuard

Content Security Policies have been around for decades but haven’t changed much, until now. Traditional CSP technologies allow organizations to partially protect the client-side or front-end of their web applications and websites. Unfortunately, traditional CSPs were far more relevant with static web application architectures and with web applications that used little or no third-party code in the production environments.

Web architectures have changed, and open-source and third-party code now drive front-end applications. But that doesn’t mean that CSPs no longer have a role—only that traditional CSPs tools are no longer capable of providing the level of protection originally intended. And for many, compliance-driven requirements still necessitate CSP use.

DomainGuard changes that. With Feroot’s new CSP solution, businesses are no longer handcuffed to old CSP tools. DomainGuard, gives you customization, automation, and optimization—all in one single Content Security Policy solution.

How DomainGuard Works

To date, security analysis and web application developers have had to manually manage Content Security Policies (CSP) on their web applications and websites. Manual CSP efforts can be extremely arduous, to the extent that many organizations just set their policies and forget about them, often ignoring or not knowing which violations to address. This leaves doors wide open for exploitation on the part of cyber adversaries. Feroot Security developed DomainGuard to ease the manual burden of Content Security Policy deployment, testing, and management, while making violation reporting and policy tuning a breeze.

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