Find the vulnerabilities your other tools miss

Leverage a security platform that helps you discover hidden attack surface and uncover client-side risk

Active protection for every user, from first page load to form interaction

Web applications have become a complex ecosystem of third-party code that increases the digital experience attack surface. Without client-side visibility and security controls, organizations are prone to lost revenue from attacks, regulatory fines from privacy violations, and potential brand damage.

Feroot helps security teams protect the digital customer experience by revealing hidden attack surface and mimicking real-user interaction to detect and block malicious changes on web properties –  allowing teams to protect against even the most sophisticated attacks and find what traditional security tools can’t.

Uncover hidden attack surface

  • Easy to use, low footprint crawler doesn’t interfere with web application functionality
  • Quickly identify every web page where your websites and portals collect sensitive customer or payment data
  • Identify data access points and routing at the point of customer interaction – what scripts and tools have access to data and where that data goes

Protect against sophisticated attacks. Find what your WAF and CSPs miss

  • Identify use of web tracking technologies including cookies, pixels, beacons, session tracking sessions, recordings, replays, and fingerprinting scripts
  • Detect and block unauthorized changes to payment pages
  • Enable active protection for every user, from first page load to form interaction
  • Prevent tampering with client-side scripts with controls and policies
  • Discover and resolve form field and security issues
  • Receive an alert on code changes and data access

Meet regulatory requirements like PCI 4.0, GDPR

  • Use automated workflows to meet new requirements
  • Identify and report on all JavaScript vulnerabilities across every digital web property
  • Get insights into data at risk in minutes
  • Share insights with a variety of stakeholders from Legal to Growth Marketing
  • Mitigate loss of revenue from cyberattacks or data leaks

Integrate With Your Existing Tools

Feroot helps customers to ingest client-side telemetry right into their existing security platforms.

We needed to wrap our arms around client-side security, both in our own code and the 3rd party scripts we load into our users’ browsers when they visit our web properties. We also needed to ensure we were maintaining compliance with increasingly stringent privacy regulations.”

Michael Lemire
Chief Security & Compliance Officer
Michael Lemire
Chief Security & Compliance Officer

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