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Client-Side SaaS

When you’re offering software or providing technical services to clients and customers, the last thing you want is for your own website to be vulnerable to attacks.

For many companies working in SaaS, network security is not as high a priority as it should be. Instead of focusing on their own data security, many SaaS companies can leave critical areas of their website undefended. This opens themselves and their customers up to the potential theft of their data from cyberattacks.

For countless SaaS companies, this is a potent threat, along with also protecting their customer data and proprietary intellectual property from threats. In the event of a compromise and without the proper security tools in place, SaaS companies could face losing their competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Real-time alerts result in faster remediation of vulnerabilities

Teams within SaaS companies often need automated support for real-time alerts and reporting in order to ensure they are remedying threats more quickly.

Proactively defend against client-side threats

Real-time alerts and reporting reduce the excessive noise of false positives and negatives for developer and application security teams.

Integrations that support managing multiple different tools

Easy onboarding and integrations with other software programs provide security teams with an all-in-one user-friendly dashboard.

Increase your third-party supply chain security

Better visibility into third-party data sharing between your organization and it’s vendors.

Chief Security Officer at Gusto

Frederick “Flee” Lee

A day doesn’t go by that you don’t hear about a new JavaScript-based attack on a company’s website or web application. We’re seeing attackers pivoting from traditional server-side attacks to client-side attacks. To protect our business from server-side threats, we needed to enhance our client-side security capabilities to stay ahead of the threat. ”   

Frederick Lee, Chief Security Officer, Gusto

Discover All Data Assets

Not every web page is created equally. Some collect data while others serve up static content. Feroot can quickly identify where your data assets live so you know what, and where, to protect.

Identify Every Third-Party

Many organizations have robust application security programs, but traditional tools don’t see third-party code injected by growth teams. By using a crawler approach, Feroot can see what third-parties exist as the page is rendered…including the risks they bring with them.

Client-Side Protection for Modern Applications

Feroot offers real-time client-side protection, closing gaps that traditional security tools don’t cover. Ensure that customer data is protected without breaking the existing functionality of your web applications.

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Know your client-side attack surface

Create an inventory of client-side elements and gain a deep understanding of how scripts and applications behave and the data they can access.