Feroot Client Side Security Monitoring System

The fastest and easiest way to detect unauthorized data collection by third and fourth parties on your website and web apps.

client-side attack vector

Monitor the Client Facing Attack Surface in Real Time

The rise of third party tracking tools opens organizations to new surface attack areas, in particular, the Man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack vector. This area requires ongoing monitoring in real-time due to the fact that the externally controlled scripts are often introduced through the user browser or the client side rather than the tools themselves.  

  • Discover, catalog, and track changes of all tools and scripts that attackers can exploit

  • Detect hidden data transfers from visitor browsers to external servers

  • Prioritize risks to focus security teams on the highest priorities


Go Beyond Cookie Management Privacy Scanner

Go Beyond Cookie Management

Managing cookies is a good start, but it’s not enough to prevent potential vulnerabilities injected through web trackers, tag managers, analytic tools and more.

  • Detect tracker technologies that don't use cookies, such as pixel and JavaScript

  • See data flow to hidden fourth parties

  • Detect cross-border data transfers

  • Get notified of new data collected across all of your websites and web apps

Accurate Reporting

Accurate Reporting

Discover cross-border data transfers that you never knew were happening.

  • Pull accurate lists of all data collection trackers (including hidden ones) and cross-border data transfers

  • Get daily reports of hidden data fields & elements

  • Be aware of all user forms collecting PII across every page of your website and web apps

  • See exactly where your data is going and which tracker is sending data to foreign destinations

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