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The fastest and easiest way to detect data collection by third and fourth parties on your website.

Go Beyond Cookie Management Privacy Scanner

Go Beyond Cookie Management

Managing cookies is a good start, but it’s not enough to prevent potential vulnerabilities.

  • Detect tracker technologies that don't use cookies, such as pixel and javascript trackers

  • See data flow to hidden fourth parties

  • Detect cross-border data transfers

  • Automatically spot new data collected across all of your websites

Accurate Reporting

Accurate Reporting

Discover cross-border data transfers that you never knew were happening.

  • Pull accurate lists of all data collection trackers (including hidden ones) and cross-border data transfers

  • Get daily reports of hidden data fields & elements

  • Be aware of all user forms collecting PII across every page of your website


Operationalize Privacy

In addition to monitoring privacy, Feroot helps you automate, centralize and maintain the ongoing management of all your data processing activities (required for Article 30 of the GDPR) and coordinate action across multiple jurisdictions and business departments.

  • Gain full visibility and control over your entire tech stack, including third-party vendors

  • Automate and integrate transparency & privacy notices via API’s

  • Track and manage consent centrally across all third-party vendors and on-premise applications

  • Respond to subject access requests faster and always be audit-ready

Our product easily scales from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

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