Intelligent skimming attack detection platform

Autonomous, intrusion detection platform that simulates user activities to find ongoing and new attacks and backdoors to your data

Client-facing attack surface monitoring

Feroot provides ongoing monitoring in real-time to combat elusive cybersecurity threats like man-in-the-middle attacks. This type of attack requires ongoing monitoring in real-time due to the fact that the externally controlled scripts are often introduced through the user browser or the client-side.
24x7 automated and hands-off operation with instant notifications
Security access analysis
Get deep insights into the security structure of the pages, forms, frames, and other page elements
Keystroke sniffing
Detect malicious activities like keystroke reading, data sniffing and unauthorized data transfer
Asset discovery
Discover, catalog and track changes of all tools and scripts

Alerts and notifications

Feroot's alert and notification system provides a flexible way to configure the baseline and receive actionable real-time alerts when it matters to you. Support for out-of-the-box and custom integrations allows you to stream alerting events and data for your custom business logic.
Configure and setup alerts destinations. Whether it's Email, Slack, PagerDuty, Splunk, or custom endpoint - we support it.
Data skimming and unauthorized transfer
Monitor web pages with access to sensitive data fields, including login, registration, and checkout payment pages. Detect and get alerted when skimming happens
Trigger alerts to know when third-party code changes or chain-loads unauthorized script


Feroot's behavior-based auditor analyzes the actual behavior of scripts, catalogs them and stores for forensics and further investigation. All scripts and page data is captured "as-is" stored and ready to be retrieved for further analysis.
Caching and storing
Unique way of capturing the executed code as it happened allows for a precise snapshot of the page.
Script difference
Detect hidden data transfers from visitor browsers to external servers
Loading chain
Get the full picture of the runtime of the page and determine the loading chain of any script

Custom scenarios

Simulate the user journey and create scan scenarios of any complexity. With our unique and easy-to-use custom scenarios, you will be able to perform multi-step and multi-page security scans.

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