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Feroot Further Strengthens Security, Adds Greater Ease of Use in Latest Product Updates


TORONTO, November 18, 2021Feroot Security, a leading provider of client-side cybersecurity products, today announced powerful enhancements to its Feroot Inspector solution.

Relied upon by some of the most discerning organizations, Feroot Inspector stands as the industry’s most comprehensive tool for securing client-side web applications – enabling organizations to deliver a flawless user experience and create a trusted relationship with online customers. 

Today’s notable batch of updates looks to further bolster Feroot Inspector’s security capabilities as well as its ease of use. The following updates are a direct result of Feroot’s commitment to listening to its customers and continually innovating:

  • Attack Surface Dashboard – Feroot Inspector’s dashboard now includes its page-level insights covering everything from third-party supply chains to data security risks. The update aims to make it even easier for users to determine what needs to be investigated quickly. 
  • Data Unification – Feroot unified its data model, providing improved alerting and notifications that are even more succinct and clear. All alerts and notifications, which are now customizable, are categorized as “issues” – allowing users to configure, report on, and suppress all issues in a single unified manner. Additionally, users only receive one single email for scan summaries, alert notifications and other communications.
  • Issue Tracking – Customers can now track discovered issues over time, providing a trending analysis. Armed with this information, users can now track specific improvements to their client-side security program and capabilities.
  • Malware Detection – Feroot Inspector uncovers malware and other malicious files across the client-side from first- and third-party scripts. If a problem is detected, a new “malware” issue type appears on customers’ dashboards as well as in alert notifications.
  • Scanning – With scan data used for investigations, compliance and auditing, the efficient management of scans is key. Feroot Inspector’s default scan behaviors are significantly enhanced to allow users to retain more scan data, rename scans, and pin for reference down the road. Users can now take even better baselines of their JavaScript assets to further reduce any noise or false positives.

“Feroot is proud of its unique mix of agility and innovation, which allows us to continually listen to our customers and quickly enhance our offerings to maximize ease of use,” said Ivan Tsarynny, CEO and Co-Founder at Feroot. “These latest updates reflect the dedication of our R&D team and arm our users with unmatched visibility and management capabilities.”

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