Feroot Platform Honeypot Customer Decoys Ambush Magecart Attack

Feroot Platform Honeypot Customer Decoys Ambush Magecart Skimming Attackers


Forcing attackers to engage with the decoy users and customers provides cyber defenders time to remediate and prevent further risks.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, February 25, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Feroot, an award-winning company and the leader in detection of the client-side cybersecurity threats within digital user experience, today announced new capabilities in its threat detection platform. The latest release provides a comprehensive deception fabric operated by a global network of honeypot customers (decoys) that lure and trigger malicious code activities, including Magecart skimming attacks. This deception approach enables early detection, visibility into the shadow threats, and proactive risk mitigation. Newly released threat detection capabilities will also serve as a powerful early warning of attacks on the digital user experience via unmanaged and uncontrolled third-party code.

“Protecting digital user experience and preventing client-side data breaches is a critical concern for organizations of all sizes. Drive-by skimming and other types of Magecart attacks are revealing that attackers can breach hundreds of organizations at once by compromising any widgets that are loaded by modern websites and web applications.” – said Vitaliy Lim, Feroot CTO, and Co-Founder.

The honeypot attacker deception concept has been used in law enforcement, military, and counterintelligence domains for a long time. Placing honeypot assets as decoy databases, endpoints, and other types of traditional digital assets is an effective way to misdirect and trap attackers. The introduction of honeypot deception to the cyber defense of the digital user experience is changing the asymmetry of cyber-attack. It turns the entire digital experience into a minefield for bad actors. This approach allows early detection and derailing of client-side attacks before any serious damage is done.

By turning the entire digital UX into a data trap, information security teams can go on the counter offense against attackers. In addition to analyzing the context of the skimming attack, the Feroot platform also assists with client-side breach forensics, remediation, and prevention.

Feroot honeypot customer approach is tackling the client-side security challenges head-on by turning malicious code activities such as web skimming attempts against attackers.

The Feroot Honeypot decoy user solution gives clear visibility into security, data governance, and compliance of digital user experience. These capabilities include detection of:

  • Theft of login credentials — decoy users lure and trap keystroke sniffers.
  • Theft of credit card payment information — decoy customers trigger and trap Magecart payment card skimming attacks.
  • Backdoors that skimming attackers can take to comprise digital experience — organizations gain visibility and insights needed to remove risks created by side-loaded or chain-loaded code.

Feroot is continually strengthening its client-side threat detection capabilities to learn more about the Feroot Honeypot-based Client Side Threat Detection Platform visit the Feroot website at www.feroot.com.