Women of JavaScript: Front-End Developer, Anuradha Kumari

Women of JavaScript: Front-End Developer, Anuradha Kumari

28 March 2022

As we continue to honor women in technology during Women’s History Month, we’re pleased to feature JavaScript developer Anuradha Kumari, in our continuing series, Code of Honor: The Women of Software Development, JavaScript, and Cybersecurity. In this interview, Anuradha shares her journey into the world of technology, computer science, and JavaScript.

Anuradha Kumari, JavaScript Developer

How long have you been in JS Development?

I have been in JavaScript development for almost 8.5 years now.

What got you into development?

My journey into development started when I opted for engineering, and back then whatever stream you choose, you might end up working in a software company. So, I chose computer science and engineering. But the real interest in programming came when I got to know about HTML in the final year of my college. I remember exploring HTML through a website called w3schools.com and it was so exciting to build those websites, even though they were pretty simple. I used to create birthday cards for friends using HTML and CSS and it just was so much fun. That would be when I really got interested in development. When I joined my first company, Infosys, after college, and I was given an option to select between front end and back end, I instantly chose front-end development, one of the best decisions I took for my career.

What do you love about this career?

I love the potential to create almost anything and make a difference. As is said, with great power comes great responsibility. The tech industry holds so much power and it feels really good to see the ways in which it is improving all aspects of society and I feel great to be part of this.

What advice would you give someone wanting to pursue a career similar to yours?

My biggest advice would be to always be curious and willing to explore. And always keep learning. There will always be new tools and technologies coming in and we should be willing to learn and explore as and when required. Also, give yourself time. Nobody learns it all in one day. It takes time and practice and patience and it will be all worth it.

What are the best resources that have helped you along the way?

I always recommend referring to the official documentation for anything that you are learning. I have found that going through documentation not only helps with learning how to do something but also gives information on why or why not to do it a certain way. And I believe that understanding the ‘why’ aspect is pretty important to understand the concepts. Also, GitHub discussions, StackOverflow, and MDN are some of the most helpful resources out there.

What are your hopes for women in this career in the future?

I feel so proud when I see women in tech soaring high and winning everywhere around the world and helping fellow women get into tech. I absolutely have pretty high hopes and ambitions for women in the tech industry. We have been in programming from the very start, remember Ada Lovelace? And we are here to stay.

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