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While organizations and their cybersecurity teams think they are doing everything they can to secure their websites and protect customers’ data, the sheer amount of data collected by third-party tools such as chatbots, web-trackers, tag managers and analytics is making it close to impossible to do so effectively.

The Feroot approach combines applied intelligence with powerful investigative analysis and automation to provide skimming intrusion signals, access vulnerabilities, and insights in real-time, so you can proactively defeat evolving intrusion threats with accuracy, confidence and speed.

Our mission is to deliver a simple to use yet the most sophisticated intelligent solutions to keep companies and their customers safe from data theft and hackers without the need for lengthy training times and datasets.

Our product combines behavioral analysis AI with seamless automation to enable cybersecurity, data governance, and privacy compliance teams to proactively defeat evolving intrusion threats with accuracy, confidence and speed.

Our goal is to make it easier for security engineers, CTO’s and CISO’s to closely monitor vulnerabilities introduced via third- and fourth party tools; be more effective and efficient in preventing data breaches from happening; collaborate easily with other departments such as marketing and sales; and achieve greater compliance with regulatory standards including PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR and more.

An Award-Winning Privacy Company

Feroot is a Toronto, Canada-based and award-winning company that gives security teams visibility into issues introduced by third- and fourth-party tools and scripts such as web trackers, tag managers, chatbots, and analytic tools that are loaded on visitor browsers. Feroot’s client side security monitoring product does this by enabling security engineers to automatically detect new, unauthorized and ungoverned data collection in real time.

In 2018, Feroot was the proud recipient of the NextAI Top Venture Award for having achieved outstanding progress helping companies comply with data privacy regulations. Read the full BetaKit article here.

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Our Founders

Before turning their attention to privacy and website security, Ivan Tsarynny and Vitaliy Lim co-founded PostBeyond — a popular workforce communications tool that revolutionized the way social media is shared and distributed. At Post Beyond, Ivan and Vitaliy worked with marketers throughout the world and quickly saw the rise of SaaS (software-as-a-service) tools for tracking, collecting and processing user behavior. At the same time, they saw a growing concern for privacy, security and data protection. From that moment on, they have centered their path on helping companies protect customers data and turn privacy compliance from a liability into a competitive advantage. Today, Ivan and Vitaliy are specifically focused on helping security engineers reduce the manual time spent on tracking issues introduced by the third- and fourth-party tools and making websites more secure for data collection.

Ivan Tsarynny CEO & Co-founder, Feroot Member of GDPR Standards Council

“Today, big data rules our lives and the economy. When you control a commodity that impacts millions (potentially billions) of lives, you have an obligation to be careful, to manage risks, and, ideally, to do no harm. My goal is to make it easier and more efficient for enterprises to act responsibly with their customers' data by tackling one of the biggest security threats today: hidden data collection via third- and fourth party tools. With Feroot, I hope to bring awareness and practical solutions to help security engineers stay on top of this new surface attack area and ideally, allow for marketing, sales, and customer success teams to continue using third-party tools, but do so in a much safer, more compliant and transparent way.”

Vitaliy Lim CTO & Co-founder, Feroot

Ever since I started using computers, I have always been mindful of privacy and security. With so much data available and with digital tools getting more and more sophisticated — concerns for privacy and data protection will only continue to grow. I see data protection as fundamental to any website, business and product. That’s why I want to help others achieve it by creating an automated solution that protects and automatically monitors website vulnerabilities that may jeopardize customers' data or a companies’ security posture.

Our Advisors

Geoff Baum

CMO and Head of Product, Grandata

David Wilson

Consultant, Terralegal

Dr. Ann Cavoukian

Founder and CEO at Global Privacy & Security by Design

Henry Long

Startup Advisor and Connector

Tom Williams

Investor & Startup Advisor

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