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While organizations think they are doing everything they can to comply with new privacy and data protection regulations, the sheer amount of personal data collected by third-parties is making it close to impossible to do so effectively. Even more disturbingly, third parties are injecting hidden, ungovernable and sometimes unauthorized behavior trackers into company websites to collect personal data for tracking and profiling users, and at times transfer data to countries with no privacy protection. Simply put — organizations are not aware of what personal data is collected, where that data resides, how it is being used, and if it’s managed in a compliant way. We believe this is one of the biggest privacy blind spots for organizations today and our goal is to automate monitoring so privacy leaders can more easily protect and disclose all the personal data they collect and scale their privacy operations to an adequate level.

Privacy Monitoring

Feroot integrates into infrastructure, application and databases and monitors privacy metrics in real-time, including PII detection, internal and third-party data flows, data classification and other elements...

An Award-Winning Privacy Company

Feroot is a Toronto, Canada-based and award-winning company that has built a comprehensive privacy rights management platform. Our product helps enterprises and SaaS software vendors automate and painlessly comply with data privacy regulations, such as GDPR & CCPA. We do this by monitoring PII (Personally Identifiable Information) in real-time; facilitating fulfillment of privacy rights, and automatically passing data-use restrictions (ie., consent) downstream to enterprise systems and third-party applications. This gives companies full control and end-to-end visibility over their data governance and privacy programs.

In 2018, Feroot was the proud recipient of the NextAI Top Venture Award for having achieved outstanding progress helping companies comply with data privacy regulations. Read the full BetaKit article here.

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Our Founders

Before turning their attention to privacy, Ivan Tsarynny and Vitaliy Lim co-founded PostBeyond — a popular workforce communications tool that revolutionized the way social media is shared and distributed. After experiencing their own challenges with privacy at PostBeyond, Ivan and Vitaliy knew privacy was fast becoming a table stake for business success. From that moment on, they have centered their path on helping companies turn privacy compliance from a liability into a competitive advantage.

Ivan Tsarynny CEO & Co-founder, Feroot Member of GDPR Standards Council

I was born in a communist regime that had no privacy at all, so I experienced first hand what it was like to have no rights to privacy. Today, big data rules our lives and the economy. When you control a commodity that impacts millions (potentially billions) of lives, you have an obligation to be careful, to manage risks, and, ideally, to do no harm. Companies that value this ethic and act responsibly with their customers data will stand out from their competitors. That is ultimately our goal — to shift the perception of privacy from a compliance issue to a competitive, business advantage.

Vitaliy Lim CTO & Co-founder, Feroot

Ever since I started using computers, I have always been mindful of privacy and security. With so much data available and with our digital lives getting more and more complicated — data governance will only continue to grow. I see privacy as a fundamental human right and I want to help others achieve it by creating an architecture and code with privacy-in-mind.

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