Protect your website from shadow data trackers, pixels and JS scripts.

Feroot is an all-in-one web security platform that keeps your
customers’ data safe
and your company compliant.

  • Eliminate Unwanted Trackers and Pixels

  • Stay Ahead of Privacy Violations

  • Keep Your Online Customers Protected

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Is your website protected from shadow data trackers?

95% of websites contain trackers, many of which excessively
collect private information from your customers.

This leaves your company and customers exposed to costly threats.

  • Security Breaches & Privacy Violations
  • Costly Lawsuits & PR Nightmares
  • Penalties from Auditors, OCR, and Attorney General
  • Identity Theft and Fraud
  • Loss of Confidentiality & Privacy
  • Access to Health Data, Credit Cards, and Home Address
Web security network diagram by Feroot

of the websites have web tracking pixels.


is the number of embedded pixels any website has on average. Google’s are the most common.


of websites have web trackers/pixels reading everything that users type into login and sign-up pages.

Your customers shouldn’t worry about
being safe on your website.
Feroot is here to help.

Introducing a powerful all-in-one website security platform

Most websites today use tracking pixels for marketing purposes.
The problem is – zealous data brokers take advantage of your
website by collecting too much private information about your
customers. Not only does this put your customers at risk of
identity theft and loss of confidentiality, but the breach of privacy
laws leaves your company exposed to penalties and lawsuits.

We know you take these threats seriously. That’s why we’ve
designed our client-side web security platform with your company
in mind. Feroot detects and eliminates unwanted trackers, scripts,
and malware so you can stay ahead of costly privacy violations.

Feroot will help your company stay prepared and protected.

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See What’s Possible For You With Feroot

Stay Ahead of Privacy
Compliance Violations

Identify every third-party pixel and script that has access to or is accessing your customers’ private information and session data..

Ensure that only approved vendors, trackers, and JavaScript scripts access your user data.

Easily comply with:

  • HIPAA HHS Web Tracking Rules
  • PCI-DSS 4.0: Requirements 6.4.3 and 11.6
  • The 2023 GLBA Safeguard Rules and COPPA
  • CCPA/CPRA, CPA, Washington MHMD, and many other U.S. State privacy laws
  • GDPR, PIPEDA, Australian Privacy Act, FADP, U.K. DPA
Isometric representation of key compliance frameworks including HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA

See What Regulators and Auditors Will See

Address compliance requirements at ease and prepare for audits for compliance with HIPAA Rules, CCPA/CPRA, MHMD, GDPR, PCI-DSS 4.0, and more.

World map highlighting data locations and transfers with statistics on cookies

Find What Traditional Categories of Tools Miss

SAST, DAST, IAST, security scanners and other CI/CD tools are blind to user session-level client-side JavaScript threats, attacks, and data leaks when your customers are using your production website.

Client-side security threat analysis layers

Deliver Secure and Compliant Online Services

Protect every digital experience from common data leaks to
advanced client-side attacks like Magecart, digital skimming and supply-chain threats.

  • Gain complete visibility and prioritize risks in minutes
  • Uncover vulnerabilities, weakness and compromises
  • Protect PII, PHI, PCI data, NPFI and user session information on your website
Web application security layers graphic with scripts and trackers
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Integrate With Your Existing Tools

Feroot helps customers to ingest client-side telemetry right into their existing security platforms.

Ready to get your website protected?

1. Start a Free Website Assessment

Get your website analyzed to know exactly what trackers, scripts and vendors are on your website and what data they access so you can stay ahead of risks and privacy violations.

2. Review Results and Recommendations

You will see everything on a video call. Our team will walk you through all findings, risks and recommendations.

3. Launch Feroot and Get Protected

It’s very easy! You will get everything setup and configured in the Feroot platform by our team without you having to do anything.

Why companies trust Feroot

“Feroot helped our team gain outside-in visibility into the security of customer experience making our platform even more secure.”

Ralph Pyne

Sr. Director, Information Security at Adroll

Testimonial by Ralph Pyne on Feroot's security enhancements
Testimonial by Ralph Pyne on Feroot's security enhancements
Ralph Pyne

Sr. Director, Information Security at Adroll

Feroot healthcare security report summary, November 2023


Get Beware of Pixels and Trackers Report to review Blindspots that increase Privacy and Security Risks.

Discover the ways data brokers are using your website to collect private information from your customers, and what to do about it.

It’s time to protect your website with Feroot today.

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