Feroot Security Inspector Data Sheet

Feroot Security Inspector Datasheet

Client-side security made easy with automated JavaScript monitoring, detection, and mitigation advice. Learn more in the Feroot Security Inspector data sheet.

In seconds, Inspector automatically discovers all web assets a company utilizes and reports on their data access. Inspector finds all security vulnerabilities on the client-side and provides specific client-side threat remediation advice to application developers and security teams in real-time.

Inspector is a web application that doesn’t require an agent or the installation of software. Customers receive access to the Inspector customer portal and can begin taking advantage of its features and functionality immediately.

Client-side Security Outcomes

  • Identify your web asset inventory; reveal and protect your entire client-side attack surface.
  • Stay ahead of client-side threats by patching hidden and exploited code vulnerabilities immediately.
  • Thrive by continuously testing and protecting your web applications, websites, and your entire attack surface.
  • Maintain compliance indefinitely by staying ahead of current and future data privacy regulations.
  • Significantly reduce cyber risk by uncovering abnormal web application behaviors and threats.
  • Discover and utilize mitigation advice to stop e-skimming, cross-site scripting, formjacking, and other client-side attacks.
  • Ensure effectiveness of your client-side security controls, including Content Security Policy (CSP) and Web Application Firewall (WAF).
  • Protect your business and your customers by uncovering JavaScript security issues in real-time, all the time.

Feroot Security Inspector Datasheet

Ralph Pyne Sr. Director, Information Security at Adroll

Feroot helped our team gain outside-in visibility into the security of customer experience making our platform even more secure.

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