Application Security

How to Automate Content Security Policy

Automated content security policies are purpose-built security solutions designed to help you manage CSPs on your client-side attack surface. Essentially it removes the risks of manual CSP management by leveraging automation to add a layer of protection to your client-side security solutions.

CSP automation works by identifying all first- and third-party scripts, digital assets, and the data these assets can access. Then the system generates a relevant, automated content security policy based on the data that has been crawled. You can manage the automated CSP at the domain level for better version control and reporting.

Dashboards show real-time, client-side attacks or violations that require further investigation. An automated CSP also keeps track of all violations so application security professionals can collect and track data on threats and attacks.

How Does It Work?

An automated CSP crawls your website and deploys synthetic users which evaluate the web applications, scripts, data, and how they operate. Bas

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