Feroot Security PageGuard Datasheet

Feroot Security PageGuard is an automated application security solution that protects websites and web applications from client-side attacks in real-time.

Based on the Zero Trust model, PageGuard runs continuously in the background to automatically detect unauthorized scripts and anomalous code behavior. After detection, PageGuard blocks all unauthorized and unwanted behavior in real-time across an organization’s web assets.

PageGuard adds security permissions and controls to JavaScript. Protecting every page of a website or web application, PageGuard automatically applies security configurations and permissions for continuous monitoring of and protection from malicious client-side activities and third-party scripts.

Client-Side Security Outcomes

  • Thrive with an automatically protected client-side attack surface.
  • Gain uncompromised client-side protection with JavaScript security permissions.
  • Significantly reduce cyber risk by uncovering abnormal web application behaviors and threats.
  • Fully disable e-skimming, cross-site scripting, formjacking, and other client-side attacks.
  • Maintain compliance indefinitely by staying ahead of current and future data privacy regulations.

Feroot Security PageGuard Datasheet

Ralph Pyne Sr. Director, Information Security at Adroll

Feroot helped our team gain outside-in visibility into the security of customer experience making our platform even more secure.

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