Feroot Introduces "The Inspection" Suite

Feroot Introduces "The Inspection" Suite for cybersecurity, web application penetration, and red team service providers


The Inspection Suite Supercharges Penetration Tests, Vulnerability, and Privacy Assessment of web applications’ digital user experience.

TORONTO, CANADA, May 7, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Feroot, today announced the release of the Inspection Suite for the cybersecurity and privacy compliance advisory service providers.

The solution was specifically developed to enable advisory service teams to perform inspections of client-side (UX) with accuracy and precision despite the variability, complexity, and the dynamic nature of front-end code caused by dynamically loaded and executed third-party JavaScript code on user browsers. The Inspection suite is designed to help cybersecurity service providers to quickly add new revenue opportunities with differentiated security services that are easy to deploy and tailored specifically for their needs.

Feroot is building a history of working with cybersecurity advisory, managed security service providers (MSSPs) to provide capabilities for delivering a comprehensive inspection of client-side with accuracy, precision, and scalability. The Inspection Suite will enable advisory service providers to inspect every point where their customers’ web applications and websites are ingesting confidential business and customer information, including payment credit card details, financial transactions, identity details, and passwords.

Feroot’s combination of behavior-based detection and a reconnaissance network with honeypot decoy users instantly finds malicious code actions, including Magecart web skimming attempts, and other never-before-seen threats, in order to reduce risks, prevent incidents, and help achieve compliance with data security obligations, in particular PCI-DSS, as well as EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

“As companies are moving web application code to the front end, adversaries are now looking for weaknesses in the front end code,” said Vitaliy Lim, Feroot CTO, and co-founder. “Security advisory teams need to gain full visibility into the user journey UX and want an easy-to-use GUI toolset to scan every web page throughout the user journeys and get meaningful reports in minutes rather than days.

This new development is part of Feroot strategic commitment to enhancing the security of digital customer experience. The Inspection solution is provided within the Feroot platform and benefits the security advisors, penetration testers, red-blue-purpose teams, by:

  • Performing adversary-like reconnaissance to scan, discover, and effortlessly fingerprint all of the web assets all over the web. No deployment or configuration needed.
  • Providing situational awareness with autonomous tracking of internally and externally controlled elements of web application’s client-side code, including all third-party technologies to streamline risk assessment, prioritization, remediation, and prevention.
  • Monitoring Zero-Trust posture of assets with Feroot’s access insight analysis of web page integrity.
  • Presenting findings effectively and efficiently with the Feroot reporting and analytics dashboard enables advisors to communicate the inspection outcomes to all stakeholders to achieve effective remediation, communication, and prevention work.
  • Catalyzing collaboration by effectivity and efficiently sharing discoveries, conclusions, and suggestions to achieve exceptional outcomes for customers and security service providers

By utilizing the Inspection solution, advisory organizations of all sizes will gain a measurable improvement in their ability to detect front end UX threats quickly and to dramatically shorten dwell time from weeks to minutes. Offering the client-side (UX) assessment service increases portfolio coverage and helps attract comprehensive advisory and remediation engagements.

For more information on the Feroot Inspection Suite, please visit feroot.com/partners