Beyond TikTok Tracking Pixels: CNN Anderson Cooper 360 interviews Ivan Tsarynny, CEO of Feroot Security

18 March 2023

CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 interview Ivan Tsarynny, CEO of Feroot Security, about the startling insights from the company’s latest report on digital security and privacy of Americans: Beware of Pixels & Trackers Report 2023, now famously referred to as “TikTok has your data even if you’ve never used the app”.

Ivan Tsarynny likened the invasive tracking pixels found on numerous websites to the much-discussed Chinese spy balloons, emphasizing their ubiquitous and inconspicuous nature. “These pixels are miniature surveillance devices, stealthily collecting data as Americans carry out everyday online activities, from renewing driver’s licenses to scheduling doctors’ appointments,” Tsarynny cautioned.

The interview discussion extended beyond awareness, stressing the pervasiveness of data collection mechanisms. “Deleting an app like TikTok barely scratches the surface of the issue,” he remarked, drawing a parallel to attempting to quell a raging wildfire with mere buckets of water. The Feroot report urges immediate action from state governments and businesses to identify and eliminate such covert trackers from their platforms.

Highlighting Feroot Security’s dedication to digital safety, Tsarynny explained how the company specializes in detecting and managing these digital “spy balloons.” “Our goal is to ensure that personal information shared in a trusted environment, such as a doctor’s office or a banking website, remains confidential and is not clandestinely monitored or harvested,” he said. Feroot Security’s mission is to establish a secure baseline for online interactions, advocating for a digital landscape where privacy is not a luxury but a standard.

CNN Anderson Cooper 360 interview of Ivan Tsarynny is helping to catalyze change, influencing policymakers and industry leaders to prioritize the protection of digital assets with the same severity as they would any other critical infrastructure.