Automated CSP—Feroot DomainGuard reduces client-side attack risk

Automated CSP—Feroot DomainGuard reduces risk associated with client-side attacks


Feroot Security launched DomainGuard, a fully automated content security policy solution and the latest offering within its client-side supply chain security platform.

DomainGuard provides web developers tailor-made Content Security Policy (CSP) management, greatly reducing risks associated with ever-growing client-side attacks that stem from missed CSP violations and the use of chainloaded scripts that are often blindly trusted. Through simple CSP creation, management and monitoring, the impractical manual task of evaluating up to thousands of scripts on numerous pages, and doing so continuously, is eliminated.

DomainGuard can work in tandem alongside Feroot’s Inspector solution that discovers and reports on all JavaScript web assets, as well as PageGuard, which takes a zero trust approach to detect and block unauthorized scripts and anomalous code behavior. Together, the entire Feroot security platform stands as the cybersecurity industry’s most comprehensive approach to client-side protection. Script and policy violations are found and remediated before sensitive data such as user IDs, passwords, addresses and credit card information can be exfiltrated.

“Through the launch of DomainGuard, we’re building upon our client-side attack surface management platform to address the impracticality of manually managing a CSP, let alone remediating and preventing violations and attacks,” said Ivan Tsarynny, Feroot co-founder and CEO. “With DomainGuard, CSP violations are handled in moments instead of months. Feroot provides this unparalleled peace of mind for the organization and their users when they’re completing something that may seem as innocent as a registration request, check out experience, or payment process. Feroot is committed to remaining the top innovator in client-side security—a highly needed protection that only becomes more and more important as the dependence of online usage exponentially grows. That’s what positions us as a business enabler.”

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