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Be confident your website is free of unwanted web tracking pixels and compliant with data security and privacy laws.

Find pixels and trackers that collect personal information
Discover and secure your Client-side supply chain
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Beware of Pixels & Trackers on U.S. Healthcare Websites

We all know tracking pixels are critical for Marketing teams to track website visitors and serve up ads. But do you know who else is getting a copy of your customer’s data? This is the question we set out to uncover.

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Feroot healthcare security report summary, November 2023

Use of pixels and web trackers is increasing

Pixels, trackers, and cookies are ubiquitous in web applications and portals, gathering personally identifiable information from your customers, employees – anyone visiting your organization’s website.

And so are the financial penalties for violating a growing list of laws and regulations such as PCI 4.0, GLBA, HIPAA, CCPA/CPRA and other state level data privacy laws.

Feroot will help you protect your organization’s data and your customer data secure and compliant.

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of the websites have web tracking pixels.


is the number of embedded pixels any website has on average. Google’s are the most common.


of websites have web trackers/pixels reading everything that users type into login and sign-up pages.

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Manage Your Client-Side Attack Surface

Discover the complex web of third-party code, and the risks they bring, each time you access a web page.

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Stay Ahead of Privacy Violations

With Feroot you not only see every third-party technology across your web application, but also which of those third-parties have access to customer data.

Some of Our Numbers




Websites Analyzed


Events Secured

See What’s Possible
With Feroot

Find what other tools miss

SAST, DAST and other CI/CD tools can’t protect against Client-side JavaScript attacks and browser data leaks

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Secure the customer experience

Protect every digital experience from common data leaks to advanced client-side attacks like Magecart, digital skimming, or insider threats.

Global data transfer and privacy control by Feroot

Stay compliant

Ensure third-party tools don’t have access to data that violates HIPAA, PCI 4.0, 2023 GLBA Safeguard Rules and local regulations.

Compliance regulations overview by Feroot
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Integrate With Your Existing Tools

Feroot helps customers to ingest client-side telemetry right into their existing security platforms.

We needed to wrap our arms around client-side security, both in our own code and the 3rd party scripts we load into our users’ browsers when they visit our web properties. We also needed to ensure we were maintaining compliance with increasingly stringent privacy regulations.”

Michael Lemire

Chief Security & Compliance Officer

Feroot client-side security testimonial by Michael Lemire
Feroot client-side security testimonial by Michael Lemire
Michael Lemire

Chief Security & Compliance Officer

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