DevSecOps effectiveness with PagerDuty and Feroot

Driving DevSecOps effectiveness with PagerDuty and Feroot

19 August 2021

Today, businesses are focused on enhancing their user experiences with best-of-breed technologies that deliver a seamless and secure digital user experience and provide unique web application and website capabilities. This means that the market trend is to move more sophisticated software logic to the client-side of web applications. Since client-side code runs on unmonitored and untrusted devices, security flaws are being leveraged by cyber threat actors. They use malware to capture customer credentials, financial transaction data, payment card records, or also allow legitimate third-party vendors’ unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Enter the PagerDuty/Feroot Solution

Feroot Security recently launched a powerful integration with PagerDuty, which provides an impactful DevSecOps solution for our customers. Tools like PagerDuty allow cybersecurity and IT operations teams to stay informed and take effective responsive action.

Feroot’s co-founder and CTO Vitaliy Lim believes that these types of solutions that bring security event detection, data protection, incident data enrichment, and incident response orchestration together improve overall business operations and can help solve problems holistically, while making security programs future proof.

Feroot Inspector and PageGuard, combined with PagerDuty help DevSecOps teams not only detect active threats, risks, and security vulnerabilities within the client-side of web applications, but also speed up response, incident prevention and collaboration between security, engineering, operations, and GRC teams,” says Lim.

Steve Gross, Sr. Director of Strategic Ecosystem Development at PagerDuty believes: “This continuous and real-time security operations approach helps PagerDuty customers resolve and prevent client-side threats faster.”

Stay Ahead of the Threat

Like countless other security professionals, businesses are trying to keep a step ahead of adversaries by adapting their incident response plans. Their goal is to quickly resolve any client-side security issues before their customers are negatively impacted. This is not an easy task. PagerDuty significantly decreases your mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR). The Feroot/PagerDuty integration enables businesses to detect client-side threats in real-time using Feroot Security Inspector and then send incident alerts and rich context directly to PagerDuty to enable rapid threat operations and response across your organization.

PagerDuty and Feroot Security Solution Benefits

With the supercharged, combined PagerDuty/Feroot solution, businesses receive significant benefits:

Effortless Inspections—Businesses can begin a client-side security assessment by effortlessly performing adversary-like reconnaissance to scan, discover, and fingerprint all web assets. No deployment or configuration is needed; just enter the URL of the website or web application.

Improved Situational Awareness—Businesses can automatically discover both internally and externally controlled client-side elements of the web application, including all third-party scripts in order to streamline risk assessment, prioritization, remediation, and prevention.

Enhanced Monitoring of Program Posture and Progress—Organizations can continuously review their client-side security posture and make progress towards securing important web assets.

Present Findings Effectively and Efficiently—Security and IT teams can communicate client-side security outcomes to all stakeholders to drive effective incident response, communication, and prevention.

Feroot and PagerDuty: A Powerful Combination

Feroot provides its customers comprehensive insights on client-side security incidents that may be negatively impacting their web application-powered SaaS platforms. Together with PagerDuty, we help DevSecOps teams operate more securely, accurately, effectively, and productively. Educated, prepared, and properly tooled DevSecOps teams can protect their organizations effectively. Leading digital businesses use PagerDuty, Feroot Inspector, and PageGuard to protect the client-side or front-end of critical and high-value web applications that run outside of the security perimeter in untrusted environments and execute software logic on the front-end.

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