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Beware of Pixels & Trackers Report 2023

As the concern grows regarding data mining companies using pixels/trackers that load into browsers from websites to collect privacy and sensitive user data, compliance regulators and government authorities are increasingly stepping in with bans, restrictions, and executive orders to curb them. Using its client-side web application security tools, Feroot investigated the realities of these concerns.

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At the beginning of 2023, concern grew over pixels and trackers, which load into the browser as a part of the software supply chain, being used by data harvesting platforms to collect user data. The data is then transferred to the servers of the companies owning the pixels/trackers as a part of their advertising and marketing business. Aggressive data harvesting practices increase the likelihood and/or actual transfer of sensitive data, which may cause unintended consequences, including expensive fines and litigations.

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Pixels/Trackers are common and abundant

Pixels/Trackers are collecting and transferring data without first obtaining the explicit consent of visitors

Pixels/Trackers transfer data to foreign locations around the globe

Pixels/Trackers are loading from domains banned by the US Federal Government and various US States

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