Ultimate Guide to JavaScript Security


The Ultimate Guide to JavaScript Security

In the Ultimate Guide to JavaScript Security, learn how to protect your JavaScript web applications and customer data from cyberthreats. Discover how to secure your webpages and web applications so that your business can thrive.

The guide highlights the fundamental risks associated with using JavaScript in an unprotected client-side environment and what web application developers and security professionals can do to better protect their websites and website users.

The power of JavaScript is evident across today’s digital landscape. Almost 98% of all websites use JavaScript as the client-side programming language to add interactive behavior to webpages and to create web and mobile apps. It is a crucial component of front-end development, yet it remains extremely vulnerable to attacks.

In this e-book we cover:

Everything you need to know to secure your JavaScript web pages and web applications.

How to defend your JavaScript web applications from client-side attacks.

The type of attacks that are targeting businesses that deliver products and services through JavaScript web applications.

JavaScript security best practices on how to collaborate effectively with your application security, privacy, marketing, and product security teams.

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