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To do business with any customer, organizations of all types and across all industries must have a digital presence. Businesses use web applications to bring in customers, delight them, and keep them coming back for more. It is paramount for companies to be easy to find online, as well as simple, reliable, and safe to do business with.

Regardless if you are a cybersecurity professional, a web developer or engineer, or a privacy & compliance professional you are responsible for protecting your most critical assets—your customers. Feroot’s client-side security solutions were built from the ground up to make client-side JavaScript security easy for you and your teams.


Web Developers
& Engineers

Privacy & Compliance


Cybersecurity teams leverage Feroot Security Inspector and PageGuard to detect and respond to client-side threats in real time.

Feroot continuously analyzes your client-side attack surface to discover web assets and potential client-side threats. Upon threat detection, alerts can be sent to security teams through a variety of existing notification systems to stop breaches and reduce cyber risk exposure.

Security professionals are the last line of defense against cyber threats, and they need the visibility to spot potential vulnerabilities in their client-side JavaScript and active client-side attacks.

With Feroot Security solutions, cybersecurity teams can significantly reduce the manual burden of client-side security, and speed up their ability to respond to client-side threats such as e-skimming, Magecart, formjacking, and cross-site scripting.

Benefits for Cybersecurity Teams:
  • Enumerate the client-side attack surface by generating a full inventory of all client-side web assets.
  • Alert security teams to potential data exfiltration attacks.
  • Combine time consuming manual client-side security processes and multiple technologies into one elegant interface.
  • Automate client-side JavaScript code vulnerability identification and patch prioritization.
  • Integrate security telemetry into existing security tools, investments, and workflows.

Web Developers & Engineers

Front-end web developers adopt Feroot Security solutions to build secure client-side web applications and keep them safe from cyber attacks.

Web developers and engineers take great pride in building awesome web applications and web pages that their customers want to use on a daily basis. They don’t ever want to risk shipping applications that are assembled with corrupt or vulnerable first- or third-party JavaScript code.

Developers use Feroot Security Inspector to continuously scan their web applications during and after development, to make sure they are hardened against client-side attacks and are free of exploitable vulnerabilities. Once applications have been launched in production, developers use Feroot Security PageGuard to deploy JavaScript security permissions to make sure application users don’t become data theft victims and can safely do business with their chosen businesses.

With Feroot Security solutions, software developers and engineers can quickly build class-leading web applications and can ensure they remain safe and secure indefinitely.

Benefits for Web Developers & Engineers:
  • Continuously scan JavaScript web applications and web pages for vulnerabilities and code issues.
  • Automatically alert developers and engineers to first- and third-party code issues and how to fix them in real time.
  • Deploy JavaScript security policies to enable secure web applications and stop client-side threats.
  • Discover and classify web assets to enable secure innovation.

Privacy & Compliance Professionals

Privacy and compliance professionals use Feroot Security to ensure they can maintain compliance with increasingly stringent privacy regulations.

Third-party scripts are leading to more and more security breaches such as e-skimming, formjacking and Magecart-like attacks. During these breaches, threat actors exfiltrate customer information that is protected by privacy regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), payment card industry (PCI), and others. Information such as login credentials, personally identifiable information (PII), and banking details can be bought and sold on the dark web for good money.

Privacy and compliance professionals work with their application development and security teams to ensure any customer data collected via web pages and web applications have the proper protections and controls in place. With Feroot Security Inspector, client-side privacy and compliance programs can be automated, and businesses gain a comprehensive overview of all web assets the business uses and what data is captured via user input. With Feroot Security PageGuard, compliance professionals can rest easy knowing that all customer touch points where sensitive data is exchanged are secured by JavaScript security permissions, significantly reducing exposure to regulatory issues and fines.

Benefits for Privacy & Compliance Professionals:
  • Enumerate and secure all web assets where protected data is being captured.
  • Deploy geography-based risk monitoring to control authorized and stop unauthorized cross-border data transfer.
  • Exceed privacy, risk, and compliance goals.
  • Monitor client-side data transfer and third-party data access.
  • Audit and report on the effectiveness of client-side security controls.
  • Constantly protect digital assets and repair issues that might cause compliance issues in real time.

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