Threats - Magecart e-skimming

[ Magecart ] is a consortium of malicious hacker groups who target online web systems to steal customer data.

What is Magecart web skimming attack?

Web skimming attacks (also known as digital skimming, formjacking, and e-skimming) target modern web apps, websites, and in some cases, mobile apps. The goal of these attacks is to steal sensitive data such as credit/payment card information, billing data, financial records, user login IDs, and passwords. Web skimming attacks take advantage of JavaScript code loaded by a website in the browsers.

How does Magecart work?

Because JavaScript code usually has unrestricted access to users' input into form fields. This approach enables hackers to record user keystrokes or get a copy of everything users entered into forms on the web pages without users or website operators noticing anything at all.

What is the danger?

E-skimming of data takes place directly inside of the visitor’s browsers which is outside the organization’s security operations, keeping sec-ops solution including DLP systems, code scanning, and web application firewalls blind to skimming breaches.

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