Privacy Management

Automate privacy compliance with a single API for all customers


Monitor subject rights requests and provide automated, real-time reporting for you and your customers.

Competitive advantage

Turns GDPR into a competitive advantage by assuring customers your applications are privacy-compliant

Fully managed

Eliminates internal development work by providing an easy-to-integrate, GDPR-compliant privacy management solution

How it works

Self-service data privacy management portal

Data Subject Request Tracking
We built Feroot Data Privacy to help companies ensure user-privacy, maintain compliance, and reduce claim-processing.

Data-subject Dashboard

Your customer is our priority. That's why the data subject is a central and integral part of our solutions.

Reports and Analytics

Get insights and statistics from your privacy management

Centralized Consent Management

Deploy in our secured cloud or on-prem.

Developer Support

Built for developers. Real-time chat, email and phone support. Extensive integration documentation


Manage integrations with third-party vendors.

Advanced Workflows

Our solution easily integrates into a variety of enterprise workflows, supporting customization tailored to your needs.

API First

Feroot Intelligent APIs centralize and automate privacy compliance across your customers and products

We take an API-first approach to scalability. In fact, API is the first interface in your application's privacy management. The Feroot API's advanced workflows and functionality supports quick and painless integrations into your applications.

Our product easily scales from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

We know committing to a new connectivity partner can be a daunting task. We’re here to help. Contact our sales team to learn more.