Complete Protection Against Continually Evolving Client-Side [UX] Threats

Prevent threats, detect attacks, and harden the security of your SaaS application front end UX quickly with real-time monitoring and defenses without slowing down your business.

SaaS-native Security Platform for Web Application and Website UX

Feroot platform delivers unified security visibility and hardening of every user session and activity, allowing you to prevent client-side UX breaches and detect browser-level attacks, without affecting user experience and application performance.

Protect. Detect. Prevent.

Protect your data, customers, and reputation with the client-side UX defense system.

Immune System For Your Web Applications and Websites Gives

Organizations increasingly embed third-party tools into the UX to engage customers, enhance the user experience, and grow business. Adversaries exploit these third-party tools to steal data from live user sessions. Protect your data, customers, and reputation with the client-side UX defense system.

Every Platform Covered

Safeguard your web application from dynamic security risks form all elements of your code including opensource, third-party marketing tools and much more.

Instantly block all unauthorized JavaScript code in real-time to prevent theft of your users' credit card information, login credential, and other valuable data.

Login Pages

Protect your customer login IDs and passwords

Checkout and Payment Pages

Protect your customer credit card and payment information

Sign-Up Pages

Keep new customers’ account registration and marketing leads’ data safe

Financial Transaction

Protected financial transactions and banking information

Every Attack Thwarted

Feroot continuously protects every user session and monitors for emerging threats, instantly alerts security teams upon attack detection, and intelligently takes swift actions against offending code behavior to block and quarantine adversaries.

Proactively protect and monitor your front end UX

Feroot PageGuard is the ultimate security platform for blue teams to effectively harden and defend of web application’s user journey UX with ease.

  • Detect intrusion attempts and prevent incidents
  • Uncover insider and third-party threats
  • Secure SaaS apps and websites without affecting performance
  • Protect business continuity and brand safety

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