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What is web skimming attack?

Hackers steal customer credit card payment details, login credentials and other data by adding a few lines of code to legitimate JavaScript libraries or add malicious scripts that sends copies of customer data to their own servers.

E-skimming code is added to scripts loaded by web pages

User data including credit cards, logins, and passwords are collected by attackers

Stolen data is sold or used for fraudulent purchases and account takeovers attacks

PageGuard prevents browser-level attacks in real-time

User login credentials, credit card information, financial transaction, health records, and confidential business information passes through user browsers at some point in time and can be stolen in targeted or drive-by web skimming attacks.

Activate defenses in minutes

Instantly stop all unauthorized JavaScript code in real-time

PageGuard deploys browser-level access control technology, ACT, to control access of third-party JavaScript code to sensitive data.

ACT stops malicious code and prevents them from stealing your users' credit card information, login credential and other valuable data.

Login Pages

Protect your customer login IDs and passwords

Checkout and Payment Pages

Protect your customer login IDs and passwords

Sign-Up Pages

Keep new customers’ account registration and marketing leads’ data safe

Financial Transaction

Protected financial transactions and banking information

Defense in Depth by default

  • Activate multi-layer defenses to stop and mitigate client-side supply chain attack.
  • Stop compromised first- and third-party scripts from access protected data
  • Ensure operational continuity

Up and Running in minutes

  • See all client-side scripts that are loaded by your web pages in user browsers
  • Block unwanted scripts in runtime and granularly control access permissions to each frame and form field
  • Eliminate noise and ensure safety

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