Feroot Adds PageGuard - Digital Skimming Protection To Its Cyber-defense Platform

14 August 2021

The company’s latest, cutting-edge technology is purpose-built to provide comprehensive control for customers over their data security on the web.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, December 5, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Feroot, today added PageGuard, a data protection technology (DPT) for web pages with checkout functionalities that are processing payment card information and other sensitive data.

The release extends Feroot’s footprint in protecting web applications and web pages that are processing sensitive data during financial transactions and user authentication against Magecart-style digital skimming attacks.

The company’s latest innovation in the cybersecurity provides granular data access controls for web pages processing payment card information, PII, PHI, and other types of sensitive data, making it significantly easier to centrally control access permissions, resolve security configuration gaps, remediate vulnerabilities in real-time, confidently respond to incidents and demonstrate compliance with regulations, standards, and policies.

“The security operations function is quickly moving into protecting data at the browser level,” said Vitaliy Lim, Chief Technology Officer. “Feroot is proud to be at the front edge of web security innovation. PageGuard, our web data access control technology, is protecting customer data processed by web application and web pages.”

The release extends Feroot’s web cyber-defense platform. It is built for securing web applications relying on third-party JavaScript code and externally loaded libraries.

Feroot’s web security platform supports traditional websites and single-page web applications. This provides hundreds of thousands of organizations with the ability to protect and detect possible digital skimming breaches, also known as e-skimming breaches that do not have existing infection signatures or definitions.

PageGuard is created to excel in SaaS environments and has no noticeable performance impact. Security analysts, web development, and system administrators can verify the integrity of the security posture, harden web pages, and be alerted of attacks and potentially malicious activities.

“Feroot PageGuard helps security teams protect key web assets at the browser level making the customer experience more secure and resilient against attacks,” said Lim. “Presently, when development and security teams need to protect against supply-chain attacks, they are forced into implementing Content Security Policy (CSP) or custom workarounds involving separate sandboxed iframes which may lead to reengineering the structure of the web pages or rely on web application firewalls leaving data exposed to browser-level skimming breaches. All too often, companies are left exposed to skimming breaches. PageGuard consolidates defense capabilities onto an easy-to-deploy tool that gives protection across all of the organization’s web assets.”

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